Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wanna Come to My Hotel?

Last I left off I was telling you about and how it saved MamaP and I ALOT of time when we needed to block out hotel rooms for our wedding guests. Today, I'm going to show you who we decided to go with.

We were always planning to get at least two hotels. One that was reasonably priced and relatively close, and another that was super close so I could get dressed there. We also figured the super close one would be ideal for OOTs that are flying in but dont want to rent a car, or people who just want to stay really close to the action. We were able to find exactly what we were looking for!

Without further ado, please meet our hotels:

Hotel #1: Hyatt Place Downtown West Palm Beach

I seriously love Hyatt Place hotels. I just think they are cute as a button. Modern, chic, and not too fussy, its definitely my kind of hotel.

Its just our luck that a new one opened up downtown a few months ago. We were initially planning to use the CityPlace Marriott as our "close hotel" but this one is even closer. Its technically within walking distance!

Here's a picture of what the Queen/Queen room looks like. Guests have the option of getting a Queen/Queen or a King room. That sofa to the left is part of what Hyatt calls the "cozy corner." Trust, that corner really is pretty cozy.There's even a pull out sofa in there. Yup, comes standard. Here's a close up pic:

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the best part: the Suites! MamaP and I secured a HUGE suite for me and the girls to get ready in day-of. It has the king bed, a cozy section, a table that seats 6, and a humongo bathroom. MamaP and I both think there will be plenty of space for me, the 'maids, MamaP, and our beauty team to move around in. The only downside is that we needed to commit to filling up 80% of the block. Since our block is only 10 rooms, that means we need to commit to 8. The bridal suite is 1. And I don't think we'll have a problem with filling out the others. Do you?

Love love loooove Hyatt Place Hotels.

Hotel #2: Doubletree Hotel West Palm Beach Airport

Meet our second hotel. Its still pretty close to the venue, but its also pretty close to the airport. This is just a nice hotel. The rooms are nice, the rate was nice, and it was especially nice that we did not have to commit to filling up any part of the room block. Basically a no strings attached arrangement.

MamaP and I felt like this hotel gives off a South Florida vibe. You know, one of those hotels that you'd recommend to someone that wants to get the full "Florida experience." I feel like some of our guests will want that, and I'm glad that this hotel will help.

Honestly, the best part about this hotel is the free cookies. Yup, I said cookies.

They give you cookies when you check into the hotel. Warm cookies. Warm chocolate chip cookies with pecans. As a baker, I'm generally pretty tough on baked goods but these cookies are quality. If you've never had a Doubletree Cookie, then you're missing out. Mmmm, Doubletree cookies. I cant wait to have a reason to go over there to get another.

So there you have it folks


= our hotel blocks (finally)

...Ladies and gentlemen, you are listening to the sounds of Swiss Beats. We got Cassidy in here. Kels! We in our throwbacks.This is for the ladies, we got room keys.


  1. i like both of those! the first one is GREAT! there's a new telly in downtown charlotte which is similarly modern i want to stay in. and it's near all the action, too.

  2. ooooooooh!!! I want to stay in a hotel!! especially a nice one!


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