Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An Open Letter to My Readers

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to stop by tonight to share a few things before I head to bed.

First, I know I left you hanging. I've heard from several of you, and I just want to let you know I hear you. My life has been really crazy, and I'm just starting to feel like I'm getting back into my blogging groove. Plus, I promised myself I would never start posting just for the sake of posting. I need to be inspired. And sometimes the wedding just doesn't cut the mustard for me. So I don't post. And then I come home tired. And then a day turns into several, which turns into weeks. But anyway. Not the point. Just wanted to let you know that I know you want me to blog, and that I will. Tomorrow marks the 100th day til the wedding, and I plan to be around to share with you the madness of the next 100 days. Should be interesting.

Second, I got quite the response (on and off the blog) about my last post. Part of that is because several of my handful of readers were invited to that wedding, or know the bride. I had planned to follow it up with a visual showing how cute the invite was, since the way MamaP described it sounded cute, but I needed to verify in person. But I've decided not to do that. In fact, I'm just not going to talk about that invite anymore. However, before I move on, I just want to clarify my intent with that post. It was not to be snarky, or to turn up my bridal nose. I don't claim to be an expert, but I do know how to use my resources wisely. The take away from that post was supposed to be the resource: both me and the website I directed everyone too for further reading. Not for me to stand on my soapbox and preach about the Dos and Donts of Wedding Invitations. I stand behind what I wrote, and apologize if it was construed improperly.

One last thing. In this year and some change that I've been engaged to marry the PHI, I have learned ALOT about weddings. Not just invitation ettiquette, or how to make the most of a vendor meeting. Perhaps the most important thing I've picked up along the way is that weddings involve a series of very personal choices. Anyone who gets involved with a wedding has to remember that. The very essence of it involves the choice to agree to spend your life with this person, to stick it out, and to grow...together. Everything you read about weddings encourages you to infuse yourself, your interests, your personality into the wedding. In other words, make it personal. And many couples are doing just that. My blog is a direct reflection of the choices that the PHI and I have made for our wedding. Some of them you may agree with, many of them you might not. That's okay. In the grand scheme of things, the wedding is really towards the top of a long list of choices. Its not really the logistical nightmare it may seem to be on the surface. Weddings should be about celebrating a very important choice: to love.

Ultimately, only you can choose what you're willing to accept, who or what you're willing to fight for, and what you're willing to choose. Wedding-wise or other-wise. So if you don't take anything away from anything I've ever said (or will say) on this blog, please carry this with you: choose love. Choose it first, and choose it always. I truly believe everything else will fall into perspective.

Whoo! 100 days to go!



  1. i figured out i could never be a planner partly b/c it is so personal. and i don't want to be trying to convince boonsheika that her wedding is going to be hideous when that's been her dream since age 5. also "Its not really the logistical nightmare it may seem to be on the surface"? YEAH RIGHT!! lol! weddings are mad scary!

  2. Well said! It's good to see you back!


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