Monday, July 6, 2009

Bows for the Bride

Happy Monday! Today I'm flying out to Seattle for my job and will be here all week. The PHI has family up that way (actually along a good chunk of the west coast), but I've never been to the state of Washington so I'm pretty excited. But anyway, I'm stopping by today to talk shower attire. Specifically, accessories.

I've pretty much decided that I'm wearing this white dress to my Florida shower. I got it ages ago, and am excited to finally wear it. But I need something to jazz it up a bit.

I have my eyes on this one:

I think its the bows. And that netting. Can we all take a minute to swoon? Remember on Friday, I told you I was really feeling the brooches I got for MdOH Dani and MnOH Krissi. Well, I think I'm going to order one for me. Ana Alicia is still running her buy 1 get 1 half off promotion, so getting 2 is uber tempting. But I'll be good and resist. And just order one. Just not sure about the color.

{click to enlarge; source}

The felt Ana Alicia uses comes in about a gazillion colors. Like too many colors. If you're curious, the brooches are in willow and white. I'm not terribly wild about the beige in the picture, but I do like that netting on top. Either way, I'm in the custom order realm.

Back to colors. I need some help. My "short" list is:
  • verona
  • midnight
  • carribbean
  • willow
  • japonica pink
  • melon pink
  • geranium
  • sunflower
  • peat
Which is obviously unmanageable - lol. So can you help a sista out? Real quick, let me know which color you'd choose. If you could text me, tweet me, or just leave it in the comments, I'd really really appreciate it, k.

p.s. In case you're worried I left you hanging while I pretend to be bicoastal, don't fret. I've lined up a lil sumthin sumthin to tide you over while I'm away.


  1. since you're wearing a white dress, caribbean or sunflower are my choices :-)

  2. jamaican pink. def. x on the sunflower.


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