Friday, July 3, 2009

Brooches for my Besties

Look what came in the mail:

The brooches for MdOH Dani and MnOH Krissi!

I started not to open them, but I caved. Had to inspect them to make sure I got the right product, right? Yeah, I know. I didn't have to take them out of the box. But I wanted to touch them too. They feel amaaazing. Softest.felt.ever.

As a reminder, here's the dress that all the maids are wearing. These brooches are going to look fab pinned to their dresses.

The downside of having them in my possession is that I really want a piece of my own now. I wonder if I could justify getting something like this, or even this for my Florida shower later on this month. Hmmm...


  1. i like the 2nd brooch way more!! the 1st one was too christmas present-y!

    (just want you to know I'm thoroughly enjoying all the posts!)

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  3. Soooo faboo! I love it! Thanks for the idea! I def. need to seperate my MOHs and the BMs! Great idea! By the way, oh ::course:: I'm interested in the White Aisle bracelet!!! You made my day!

    Email me when you can:

    Lovin' your blog too!

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  5. I attended a wedding last weekend and the bridesmaid wore the same exact dress. It was in a tan/khaki color though. They were beautiful


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