Friday, July 10, 2009

Favors Sneak Peek: Tag Toss-Up

My cousin and BM Melissa is going to be in town this weekend, and I've been instructed to put her to work - lol. Believe it or not, its really been a struggle trying to come up with things she can assist me with. Partly because I'm on track with my to do list. And partly because I'm kinda anal and like to do things myself so I can troubleshoot when something goes awry.

But anyway, there is at least one project that I could use her help with: punching out the favor tags. Yes, I know I've been hush hush about the favors, but lets focus on what you do know. You know that they are going to be filled with green MnMs, and that they have they will have a cute tag attached to them. Considering we're making favors for 150, you can see why I'd pick this as a project BM Melissa could help me with.

Last weekend, I spent a good portion of my Saturday working out what I call tag logistics. If you remember, I originally had the tags designed by a seller I found on Etsy. I loved them. Absolutely loved them. But when I printed them out, I did not like how the green printed. My bad for not printing them before I accepted the final project. Dont ya'll make that mistake, okay?

That mistake is really where today's story begins. After I got the logistics all worked out, it occurred to me that the greens wont match. Like they will clash. Not even remotely coordinate. Its something that even the guests might notice. And if nothing else, I would notice. So I opened up my BFF PowerPoint and worked to recreate the tag. After I accomplished that, I was left with the following options:

Option A: Leave the tag as originally designed.
No extra work but prepare for the icky clash.

Option B: Print it in black and white.
This would be easy - no need to coordinate if there are no colors, right? Well what about the teal? The favors would be green, black and white, no teal? That doesn't seem right.

Option C: Just make the tag teal.
Ultimately, this is what I decided to do. But for some reason I was very hesitant to do it. I printed it out several times to check and make sure that the tag looked cute in teal, and that there would not be too much teal on the table. I don't think there will be, and at least I know it definitely matches the other teals.

So there you have it folks. The real favor tag. I really wish I had thought about clashing when they were initially designed so that I wouldn't have had to go through the process of re-creating them myself. I cant wait to get these suckers printed and punched out so that I can run them through my Xyron. Then there's attaching the labels, filling them with the MnMs and figuring out how to get them to the venue.

Geez, now that I think about it, I cant wait until I can check favors off my list for good!


  1. Love your tags! We did pink m&m's for favours too! Getting them to the venue was the easy part. We them the night before. We put them in frosted 2X2 inch boxes and stamped them with faux wax using our monogram. But we also handed out some black cake in cake boxes and used similar tags for those. I love Xyron, I use it for everything!

  2. favors make me want to jump off a bridge. i will be overjoyed to pass that task off as well when the day comes.


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