Monday, July 13, 2009

Paperless Post

What are your thoughts about rehearsal dinner invitations?

Personally, I look at them as another opportunity to send out cute invitations...and another non-budgeted line item. Yeah, I guess I feel two ways about them - lol.

But what about you? Any preconceived ideas about what they should look like?

Like I said, I always assumed ours would be paper - requiring a stamp and in a perfect world a rsvp so we'd know how many to expect at the mixer. Particularly since were inviting people outside of the bridal party. However, when I mentioned it to MamaP, she (long story short) assumed they were no big deal, and that we could send notification through email.


Up until recently, I would have openly balked at the idea. I mean seriously, how would you feel if you received a rehearsal mixer invitation over email? It would need to be done right, right? Well, what if it arrived looking like this:

This, dear readers is what you would see if your invitation or announcement was sent by Paperless Post. Paperless Post is a new-ish service that essentially sends digital invitations for a small fee (like $5 to send 60) that look like real ones. Ribbon embellishment and all (if you're into that like I am). Think of it as the Bently's of evites.

I like that I can "design" them one night, and send them out the same night. No need to have them printed, address envelopes, or hunt down stamps. And from what I gather, people can even rsvp for your event through the invite itself (like Evite).

I'm not sure I want to go the email route. And I'm not sure if I did I'd use Paperless Post. Part of me wants to have a little more control over what it looks like. Thankfully (I guess) we haven't nailed down all the details for the rehearsal and the rehearsal mixer, so I really have some time. Tomorrow, I wanna talk about another idea I have that involves emailing invitations.

But before I go, back to my original questions. What are your thoughts about rehearsal dinner invites? And what are your thoughts about receiving them through email?

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  1. Don't waste the paper for the rehearsal dinner. I saw a NYT article abt Paperless Post a few weeks or a month ago and was so curious abt what you thought about it! I started to send you an email. Lol. I think it would be perfect for this. I didn't expect it to be so economical. So you can't upload an image so it matches your invites/color scheme, you have to use a template? I say go email but use something prettier than the standard evite. i know you'll be able to find a good alternative.


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