Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meeting in the Ladies Room

I've noticed that brides these days are spending quite a bit of time and energy on the process of asking their closest to be their bridesmaids. Things like "Will you be my bridesmaid? cards are all over bridal message boards, and some brides are even attaching gifts or planning activities in the name of asking their 'maids. Not that their soon-to-be 'maids don't appreciate it. I'm sure they do. Nice, but not really necessary.

Having said all that, I really should have gotten my 'maids this card:

Inside text: Will you be my bridesmaid?
{found it here!}

I already know I'm going to be THAT bride. Yup, the one where a group trip to the bathroom wont be to socialize or talk trash. I am going to have to pee. Probably at least twice if I don't drink any alcohol (and I don't break the seal). My friends and family know I cant hold liquids. So in order to stay out of the potty all 6 hours I'll be in my dress, I'd need to severely limit my liquid intake. Like, basically not drink a single thing.

Not going to happen.

If I were doing it again, I'd consider handing out these fab cards. As I think about it more, I really don't think you can have this chat too early. I was engaged several months before I thought to mention it to MnOH Krissi and MdOH Dani. No worries, they're both on board for their dress holding duties. I'm sure MamaP, MJ, or any of my other 'maids and girlfriends would also help a sista in need.

So to all of my favorite ladies, thank you from the bottom of my bridal heart. I literally wont be able to swing this without you.


  1. I don't feel the need to give cards either. Thank ya kindly for your participation, I surely appreciate it. You'll get your gift the day of or before the wedding. Girl I'm she of the mini bladder too so that will also be me! lol

  2. @Jameil: lol, we should start a club :)

  3. I would have loved to have used Sara's card for my BM's... she created my Thank You cards. She's so fun to work with. However, I'm kinda glad I didn't spend anymore money on my ladies. The only people that really helped was my MOH, and one BM. I do however plan on creating a nice album for the two of them.

  4. that is a cute card but... an extra expense. An excited phone call is what you'll get out of me!


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