Thursday, July 16, 2009

You'll know whats in the cake

The wedding cake seems to be one of those things that some people seek out and other people could care less about. BM Naima is a cake seeker-outer. In fact, the cake is kind of a deal breaker for her. Taste seems to be her biggie. But she also likes knowing what flavors of cake she's getting, as she is likely to go back to get a small piece in each flavor combo (am I telling all her business today or what? lol).

This small sign is for the Naima's in the world. Its nothing fancy, but I think it will do the trick nicely. I designed in PowerPoint (where else), and am going to mount it on a piece of folded green card stock. I was going to try and make the cake picture look like our actual cake, but then I figured it wasn't worth the hassle. If people (other than Naima) noticed the sign, they definitely weren't going to care if the pictured cake looks like the actual cake. And since I'm convinced most people won't notice the sign, in actuality this sign is really for me. And Naima. And now you.


  1. I'm one of those people who could care less. I don't like cake & if I could get away with not having one at my wedding, I would be overjoyed.

  2. wooooooow.

    i like cake. usually not wedding cake, though. fondant is not cool.

    Jam, have pie at your wedding.


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