Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another E-vitation Idea

Remember how I was telling you all about Paperless Post yesterday? Well, I've stumbled upon a better idea. One that combines a my original idea and MamaP's email suggestion. I'm not terribly sure this will work, but for the sake of explanation, I'll explain my original idea first.

Initially, I wanted to either design our Rehearsal Mixer invite myself (surprise, surprise). I hadn't fully settled on the design, but had definitely narrowed it down to a few options.

{found it on Etsy!}

If I didn't design it myself, I would order this (minus the picture, plus green and teal) for our event. I think its pretty cute, yet adult, and the fonts and text can be customized in any way we'd like. How this would work is that I'd be paying for a digital design and the seller will email me the design as a .jpeg. That way we'd be free to print it however we'd like. Or not at all.

That brings me to my current idea. Mind you, this hinges on me ultimately deciding its okay to email someone a rehearsal dinner invitation. But anyway, we could get it designed on Etsy, and then email the digital image. It would look kinda like this:

{thanks again Mrs. Daffodil}

When Mrs. Daffodil did it, she went through Microsoft Outlook and then sent it to her Gmail, and then emailed it to her guests. We use Outlook at work, so I guess that's a viable option. However, I just saw that you can insert images in the body of emails in Gmail now, so I think if we do this, I'm going to just try with Gmail first.

But like I said, its still an idea right now. One I'm warming up to and that I think would work. So we'll see. Still got a little bit of time...

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  1. DO IT. A rehearsal dinner is by nature less formal and more intimate which allows for email invites b/c it could really just be phone calls. Isn't that how most people do it? When they tell the bridal party? So since you're inviting extras, I think evitations are perfect.


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