Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Case of the 30s

Lately, I haven't been feeling up to blogging. Like I was telling one of my tweeps zoraneale, I usually have enough time and energy to do the wedding tasks, but its a stretch to accomplish the tasks AND blog about them. Plus, I cant really say that I've been accomplishing anything fun. I'm also slightly afraid that some of the 'tude I fail to issue in my everyday life will eek into my posts if I share what I've really been dealing with.

I have diagnosed myself with a Case of the 30s. Today is the 38th day til the wedding, and I all but have a new attitude. Wait, no. I just seem to have a lot more attitude - lol. But in addition to that, there are some other indicators that I've got a Case of the 30s:

I'm scrapping DIY projects. At this point, if I'm not enjoying it, and I think people wont care, and I havent started it yet....its likely to get chucked. The first casualty? The seating chart I planned to make. It was supposed to be an additional way to inform people of their seating assignment, without me having to do individual place cards. Well, I refuse to pay someone to design it for me, and I'm having a terribly miserable time designing it myself. So I'm just not going to do it. Besides, I figure this will ensure that our hostesses definitely have something to do, right?

Half the time I feel really gangsta. Especially when it comes to people RSVP-ing for the wedding. I'm waiting patientily for our RSVPs, but I have NO DESIRE to call the people who are invitably going to fail to respond. Can I delegate that to someone? My weekly personal call list has about 3 (give or take 1 or 2) people on it, and at the rate I'm going, I'm looking at calling 100 people. No f-ing way. If I have to call them, they wont be coming. I'd like to see them get in the door. <--ooh, see what I mean? Gangsta. That aint me. That is some other bride.

The other half of the time, I've stopped caring. Now, don't get me wrong. The major stuff has already been planned. What I've stopped caring about is the stuff I STILL DONT have any control over. Like our rehearsal. Is it too much to ask that we schedule a rehearsal more than 2 weeks in advance? Evidently. So my response is not to care. And my inner gangsta bride requests that you please not bring that situation up, 'cause it really pisses her off - lol.

There are also some definite positive side effects of the 30s.

For one, there's usually more partying to be had. BM Naima is coordinating my Atlanta shower and I am so excited about it! Lots more of my girls will be in tow: MamaP, MdOH Dani, BM Melissa, BM Dionne and BM Naima will all be there. My officemate from school is coming and so are some of my college and work friends. My FL shower was amazing and I know this one will be amazing too. Also, there's my "bachelorette party" that MdOH Dani is coordinating, which promises to be a good time. Plus, if for no other reason, it will be one of the first times that I have all my maids in one place - a reason to make any bride extremely happy.

Another good thing about the 30s is that there is lots of dress news. In my case, the 'maids dresses have come in (cant wait to see them!) and I have my second dress fitting on September 5th. MamaP, Dani and Naima are planning to come with. I think I'm even going to take my veil and my jewelry so we can see how the whole look comes together.

Third, we are finally paying off some of these wedding bills! Enough said, right?

And lastly, my onset Case of the 30s means something pretty important and exciting in itself: that I'm that much closer to the day I marry the PHI and the wedding planning is almost over! Despite my (seeming) ridiculous diagnosis, I am still thrilled about the wedding and about being his wife. I'm also thrilled that wedding planning is almost over and am looking forward to blogging about my other interests- like the Real Housewives of Atlanta, cooking, baking and other everyday randomness.

So to summarize, what have we learned about a Case of the 30s?
  1. If you really want to accomplish a DIY project, do it early.
  2. Your case of the 30s could manifest itself in the absence of 'tude, the presense of additional 'tude, or a little of both.
  3. Dont worry, there's a good bit of the good stuff to counterbalance some of the crap.
  4. Stick it out, cause by the end you'll be married.
Long story short? Come on October 4th!

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  1. i'm glad you're giving up some DIY projects. you had enough to make martha stewart cringe!! i don't see the point in seating charts so i think that's a good delegation! will the mothers or PHI take the reigns on calling? b/c you're really doing plenty that there's no reason for you to do all the rest.


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