Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hav Plenty

Yesterday I briefly mentioned how I struggled with figuring out the program design. But even after finalizing the design, I found something else to get worked up about.

I didn't know how many to print.

I talked to my 'maids and checked online and found all kinds of vague information.

Print one for each guest
Print one for each family
Print one per couple
Print one per couple, and one for each single person
Print the same number of invites
Print 75-85% of the number of guests you anticipate
...etc etc etc

You may have noticed that all of these guidelines pretty much hinge on knowing how many you are expecting at the event. Which is why most brides wait until much closer to the wedding to take care of them. No, this is not an excuse to do them the night before or even the week of the wedding (there is no excuse for that), but you can see why this isn't something you do when you first get engaged, right?

Ultimately, I decided to go with the percentage. I didnt know how it worked, but I could see how planning for 75% of the guests could encapsulate the singles, the couples and likely leave a few leftovers. At the time, I anticipated 150 guests, so I simply multiplied that by 75% and rounded up to the next increment of 5 for 115. Right now we only have 110 guests that have RSVPd, so were well on our way to having plenty left over.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this yesterday, but I am thrilled that this project is complete. It was my last pre-wedding DIY project (not counting the announcements or the favors) and I managed to do it with almost a month to spare (popping my collar). I really love how they turned out, and I think that our guests will enjoy their stylish simplicity.

And I will enjoy the fact that I didn't spend my last evenings as a Miss assembling programs. Lack of DIY projects the week of our wedding: priceless.


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