Friday, September 11, 2009

Keeping It Real

My nails and I have a...unique relationship. They’re a little hard to love because...
...I have small nail beds. Like, the space where the nails sprout from is very small.

... they’re soft. And not just after a shower, or the dishes. They’re soft all the time.

... they curve up. If you’ve never seen someone’s nails do that, remind me to show you mine when they get a little length on them.

... they have a natural aversion to nail polish. Enough said.
And despite all of their flaws, I just love them. I keep them short because a lack of length helps downplay their flaws. Thankfully short nails suit me just fine. With a little clear or neutral polish, I feel like I’m doing it up big.

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve picked up along this wedding planning journey, is to trust your gut*. Especially when you’re as close to the finish line as I am. If you’re having difficulty making a decision, do a quick gut check. Now this only works if you and your gut have an open and trusting relationship (if you neglect your gut, I wouldn’t trust it not to make up stuff – lol). Anyway, while trying to decide what to do about my nails – acrylics or au natural – I did a quick gut check. And as you can imagine, it said “Girl, go get you a manicure and call it a day.”

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to be keeping it real.

In preparation, I went to get a mani last night to even them up, file them down, and work on those cuticles. Finished them off with an adorable pale pink polish. I think they did a really good job. Now I just have to decide if I want pinky nails, or more of a beige-y neutral on my hands for wedding day.

And for my toes... polka dots.

*not that gut, your mental one. I already know that that gut is screaming “TAKE ME TO THE GYM!” – lol.


  1. I remember your nails.

    A cute french tip with the thinnest white line?? I know it'll be october but it's south florida!

    I'm sure a cotton candy pink would look delicious on your nails! I have to find the last martha stewart wedding mag... she had awesome tips on nail color.

    Jam, when you read this, can you share the info in the MS magazine?

  2. lol @ take me to the gym! hilarious. know what? some of the most beautiful wedding nails i saw weren't french manicured. they were very natural. manicured but with a clear coat. also fit perfectly w/the beach wedding. i'm a big fan of looking like yourself on your wedding day, a fab version but still yourself. french manis are so not me. love them on others, pass for myself. i agree w/the cotton candy pink from stace. MSW is too far away.


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