Sunday, September 20, 2009

Perfect, Yet Off Registry Bedding

I've never actually come out and said this, but I'm not sure I condone off registry wedding gifts...unless you know its perfect for the bride and groom.

{found it here}

This bedding is one of those perfect off registry gifts. It appeals to my aesthetic without being too girlie for the PHI. Awesome gift, but not on our registry. Perfect candidate for an off-registry gift. As were the GreenPans that MamaP gave me at my Florida shower, and the Vera Wang toasting flutes that my former-roomie Janelle gave me at my Atlanta shower. All tasteful, amazing gifts that were perfect for me.

Now, that gift basket I received from my inlaws (MamaD, sister in-law, etc) containing champagne, massage oils, candles, feathers and a pregnancy test? Not so much. I love them, but they should have shopped the registry.


  1. I just read the inlaws gift to rashan and he replied before i could get the last word out of my mouth, "never. never will you ever get any gift like that from my family." i def. have the crazier family of the bunch and could see one of my crazy aunts doing that. still!! lolol!! i def. don't condone off-registry gifts! i actually get a little vexed when people talk about doing that! if you really REALLY know the person, cool. if you aren't POSITIVE they'll like it, just get something from the registry you both like-- def. my M.O.

  2. Oooh, stop!!! That basket sounds like something your middle school principal would get you... "3 TIMES A WEEK, AT LEAST"


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