Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dishing on J Heart P

There are several things that are very common in wedding world that I've never batted an eyelash at. Today's culprit: the candy bar.

{this and more found here}

Talk about chic and amazing! If we were going to do a candy bar, this would be our inspiration. Hands down. But, as you can imagine, most of them don't look like this. But many of them feature alphabet shaped letters that spell out LOVE. Sometimes they even make an appearance on the cake table as someting extra. But considering most people I know dont even go peep the cake up close (I checked), I know that the candy and the possible adorable-nes of the dishes is missed on most guests. Not to mention the expense involved with providing a variety of candy to over 100 people. Cute, but no thank you. Maybe for a shower, but not for a reception.

So imagine my surprise today, while catching up with the Wedding Industrial Complex (aka I ran across these dishes:

{found them here}

I'd never seen a heart dish like this (I've seen lots of letters; most couples spell out LOVE) and I looove it. I kinda want a set - J ♥ P, naturally - and could easily see having these filled with yummies during one of our (increasingly infamous) WII/Xbox Game Nights. Or even for a more sophisiticaed soire, complete with cocktails. Fruit, candy, nuts...oh the possibilities.

That's it. I think I just convinced myself that we should order them. But after the wedding. Waaaay after the wedding. to the post-wedding purchase list you go!


  1. v. cute but i since i have next to no sweet tooth, candy bar is definitely out for me.

  2. Oh, anything with an S or my name on it and I'm all over it!!! LOVE.IT! I want a dish or some letter dishes!!!

    Dre had a candy bar... that seems to be the new thing but yeah, no. that sounds expensive and even wasteful

  3. @Jameil - Girl, I wish I had no sweet tooth! In fact, my sweet tooth seems to be acutely tuned to items with frosting, especially cupcakes, lol.

    @Adei - as with anything, you can work it so that you dont spend much. But I definitely think its trendy, and could be wasteful if people arent into sweets (or dont know that they're supposed to eat the display).


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