Friday, October 9, 2009

The Google Bride, or, What Google Failed to Mention (part 1)

I debated on when to come back to the blog because I really wanted to go right into recaps. But our professional photos aren?t back yet (and my photographer is getting married this weekend ? congrats Chelsey!), so I?m going to wait to do the official wedding recaps. In the meantime, I?ll just find something else to prattle on about. Today?s victim: resourcefulness...or things that managed to surprise me on wedding day. Lemme explain and then you can decide for yourself what I?m really talking about.

I consider myself to be fairly resourceful. When it came to wedding planning, I often needed a prompt answer because I was trying to make a quick, but informed decision. My favorite place to consult? The interwebs. Google in particular. And over time, my friends started calling me ?the Google Bride.? It also didn?t help that I kept saying ?I read that [insert conversation point] on the internet...? or ?all you gotta do is Google [insert subject}? lol.

And while I feel like Google kept me pretty well informed on the wedding front, there were several things that I felt surprisingly unprepared for. It?s like Google failed to mention...

1. It was plausible that I would be calm and pleasant while getting ready. Everything I read about this part in the timeline suggested that it would be crazy, hectic, and that I would not feel like I had enough time to do anything. That was not the case. Even with the hair and makeup schedule being a little behind (or at least I think it was...I wasn?t wearing a watch and they took away my BBerry), I did not feel rushed. Thanks to my fab ?maids I was able to ease into the day and spend some quality time chatting and laughing with my favorite ladies.

2a. That several people would attend the ceremony and not stay for the reception ? and not tell us. Including out of town guests! Ya?ll know how I feel about wedding guest behavior: people need to do better! Okay, moving on to my second point...

2b. Almost everyone showed up. I?d read in several places that a significant percentage of people who RSVPd would end up not attending the wedding. Its one of those things that you cant really prepare for (cause its always plausible that they could turn up). However, I am pleased to report that only 2 people that RSVPd did not actually make it to the event. I just was not expecting that! But it?s a good unexpected. Since we?d already paid for their food ? lol.

But that was just the beginning. In Parts 2 (and 3), I?ll talk about several other places where The Google Bride was caught unawares. be continued.


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