Friday, October 9, 2009

The Google Bride, or, What Google Failed to Mention (part 2)

In Part 1, I started sharing some surprising aspects of my wedding day experience. But I only got through the first part of the day. Lets pick up where I left off. Some other stuff Google failed to mention was...

3. How hot it was going to be under my dress.Its okay, I know its funny. You can laugh. Google told me that the average high temp on October 3rd was going to be mid-80s. I grew up in SoFla, so that was not surprising. What was surprising was how hot I got under my dress. Like, under the skirt part. My upper body and torso were fine (thanks to MdOH Dani and her pre-corset regimen), but it was unbelievably hot down by my legs. I wanted to lift up my skirt to get a breeze. Over and over again. Too bad I had on too much dress to pull this off effectively.

4. Some brides and grooms eat at their reception. I have no idea why it is common for the newlyweds to skip the actual eating part of their reception (usually not on purpose). Well, that is not true. The eating part is an excellent time for the couple to visit each table and greet their guests. But there was NO WAY we were spending all that money on food to turn around and not eat it. So we ate when everyone else did. The event staff even served us, so we did not have to get up (you will see why that is important soon). I am proud to report that I know first hand that our brunch was delish. And worth (just about) every penny we paid for it. Yumm.

5. That when dumped in orange juice, cheap champagne is just as satisfying as something more expensive. How do I know? Because I consumed more champagne and mimosas on October 3rd than I have in my entire life. The champagne I was drinking cost about $5 a bottle (of course I got it on sale), and tasted great. Well, the part that I could discern was not the OJ tasted great. I looove mimosas.

Lets hit pause. At this point we have been outside (to have our pictures taken) and eaten something. Plus and plus. There are a couple more things that I want to share in Part 3.

...(one more time) to be continued.


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