Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Like My Man Tall Dark and Handsome, and My Jewlery Classic

This post started out as one of my numerous sidenotes, but after awhile, I realized it deserved a post all its own.

Prior to starting the ring shopping experience with the PHI, I never really considered myself to be a "classic girl." Yes, I like to think that I purchase some things that are frivolous and trendy, but generally purchase things/shoes that I can continue to wear for years to come. Not classic per se, practical, stylish, timeless...etc. However, when I stepped into the jewelry store and fell in love with arguably the most classic engagement ring like ever, I was just shocked.

Here's a pic of a similar one just like it (believe it or not, I dont have any great pics of my ring):

(Image courtesy Kay Jewlers)

Yes, mine is a Leo Diamond, but still....its a round solitaire! A round solitaire?!? Was I serious? Was I really going to parade around town in the purported most popular engagement ring style? was a hard pill to swallow. Really hard. Somewhere down the line, I had turned into this classic girl. Infact, when I was discussing the ring selection with MJ and Dani, neither of them were shocked. It seemed to be perfectly acceptable and within the realm of what they could see me liking that I would select such a classic and sparkly ring. Secretly, I think its the sparkles that drew me in. Well, that and its gorgeous. I seem to have re-integrated that word into my vernacular, but sometimes things (including a suspiciously large number of wedding-related things) are best described as gorgeous. No other words.

So, I know you are wondering what Classic-Girl went and did when it was time to pick out a wedding band. Yes, Jase and I are all over the jewelry purchases. He loves his ring and can be spotted around town wearing it...I know, I know - we arent getting married until next October. But he loves that thing, and hell, I'm not going to argue with a man who loves his wedding-band. I've read horror stories about brides to be having the opposite problem..their man is allergic to wearing a ring. Now, I dont judge, but its suspicious. Throw convention out the door all you want, but I'mma need people to know you are married. Now, if you dont want to wear a ring, there are many other options available. How 'bout a T-shirt in the wedding colors? A hat? Your wife's pic permenantly attached to the husband's forehead?

I could go on and on, but without further ado, I pick this out:

(Every Kiss Begins with Kay)
And again, couldnt be more in love with it. Now, this is a departure from my diatribe on my not so newly-found classic-ness, since the most classic band is probably yellow gold and plain (ech), but its definitely not modern. I like to describe it as dainty (not classic), and when the two are together they are [say it with me] gorgeous! Like I have no problem with the idea of sporting a sparkly left ring finger from here to eternity. And (probably because my rings are so gorgeous - lol), I am okay with them being classic. I like to think of them as something that will always be in style, eligible to be passed on, and loved by me for many many many years to come. Okay, truth be told, I'm not exactly okay with the classic designation...but I know it was a compliment. I'm the friend with the good taste, which extends to my selection of jewelry. Considering were talking thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, I'll take classic/dainty/gorgeous any day.

No wedding ring story is complete without mention of the PHI's ring. So, for your enjoyment, here's PHIs ring:

(Again, image courtesy Kay seriously, I should get the PHI some stock)

Whereas my rings are both white gold (and blinged out as I like to refer to them), PHIs ring is Tungsten. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, you can find more info about it here. As you can see, it looks like stainless steel, but its kinda indestructable. Of course I dont mean that literally...its not like he's walking around with Superman on his ring finger (lol), but its a very durable metal (think: resistent to scratches, dents, and normal man-ish wear and tear), and they can do something to the inside that makes it very smooth on the inside and very comfy to wear. And I can vouch for the smoothness - it feels good...on my thumb. The PHI can vouch for its comfort too since like I've already mentioned, he loves that thing and has been wearing it to work and around town. All I know is it better be there in October 2009, because I AM NOT buying another one. Technically, I didnt buy this one either, but still...

Because its so durable, its hard if not nearly impossible to engrave it. And my engagement ring and bands are esentially too narrow to be engraved. So we'll both be walking around town with un-engraved rings. Not really phazed about that. One less detail to figure out.

Can you just imagine how I'd go on and on between now and September 2009 about ring engraving?!?

You're very welcome.

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