Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who Cares About Invites? I Do, I Do!

So wedding planning has almost consumed all of my non-existent free time. Wait, no. I probably would have waaaay more time to do things (period) if I werent planning a wedding. The upside of having a good year plus lead time on a wedding? Well duh, the obvious. Theres plenty of time to plan! The downside? Theres plenty of time to plan.

Case in point: I've fallen in love with 2 sets of wedding invitations already, and would love to find some kind of way to incorporate a third type of invite into the "stationary mix."
My first invite love:

(Image courtesy AlaunByDesign)

For a good while, I was sold on this one. I had envisioned ways to put our stank on it (stole that from Jase), and it was going to be cute and cost effective. For the invite, the RSVP, the reception card, a thank you note, and envelopes for the invite, RSVP, and TY note, it will cost me $1.80/set. Yes, you read that correctly, for less than $2 a set, I'd essentially be set stationary wise. I realize I'll probably be writing TY notes until the cows come home, but I could at least announce and get people to the wedding, figure out whose going to come (or rather, who mom wont have to call), and thank the initial set of gift-givers. Pretty sweet, right? Until I purchased my second dress.

Yes, you read that correctly. I am officially on Dress #2, and am stopping with Dress#2. The drama with the dress that I bought and am in love with will have to be saved for another post, but just know that is is a combo that cant be beat: I love it, its good for mom's budget, I wont look crazy in it 20 years from now, and its "simply stunning." But again, more on the dress much later. After I purchased Dress#2, I went back on the hunt for stylish yet classy (think: pretty) invites, and I stumbled across my current invite love:

(Image courtesy AlaunByDesign)

This second invite I love for a few reasons. Not only is it gorgeous: can you picture it with a dark plum background and kiwi satin ribbon? But it is be-ribboned. And in the deep recesses of the wedding planning that I have in my mind, ribbon will work itself to be a very important detail in the grand scheme of my wedding. I'll reveal a little more as the time comes closer (and as I work out the logistics and details), but I can tell you now that unless I cave to a ribbon-less invite for the sake of the budget, my invite will have ribbon...and it will be all-up-and-thru my wedding and reception!

Anyway, my point is that I have waay too much wedding-related stuff going on in my head. I have TONS of ideas about things I want to do/incorporate/make happen for the wedding, and am trying my hardest to be flexible, authentic, and enjoy the process of wedding planning. But...with all things, its a process. So expect lots of longish posts like this with details about things I'm thinking of/purchasing. And yes, I will totally post the pics of the actual invites I end up with. God knows how many invite-related permutations I'll go through between now and when they need to be ordered (sometime Winter 2009).

One final-ish note about invites: Yes, I do infact realize that there is a miniscule group of people who will care about my wedding invitations. Do I care? NO. How do I know that there are people who will care despite Jase telling me otherwise? Because I am one of those people, and refuse to believe I am alone. Thats why people who make notecards are in business...for people like me who believe you should always have a variety of cute TY notes to send out when you need to thank someone and want to take the old-skool route.

So for those of you who are awesome (like me), and give a damn: I genuinely hope you like them.

And for the rest of you...I hope you read them. AND I hope you return your RSVP ontime. Trust me, you will want to do that - more on that later :)



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