Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Call Me the Wedding Planning Diva!


I know its been a minute, but for the past couple of nights, I've been dedicating myself to wedding planning. Not necessarily on purpose...sometimes it beez that wayz (lol).

Idunno if you knew, but I had been having quite a time deciding on a wedding organizer. Talk about cheezy. Most of them are ugly - with lots of sample pictures and people, and wording, and "ideas." Which is interesting considering most books tell you to almost immediately start looking for your own sources of inspiration. And for me, most of the images in those wedding planners at barnes and noble were far from inspiring. Infact, I had started brainstorming ways to cover that ish up. So while in Target on Sunday, I ran across a binder from their eco friendly line that is a delicious shade of lime green. No, most planners are not lime green. But MJ suggested I make my own and thats precisely what I did. PLUS its another opportunity to save a bit of cash. My binder cost me $10 or so, but I smile lovingly every time I lay my eyes on it...which kinda makes it far more valuable than $10, right?

So wedding organizer? Check.

Last night I was hanging out on Y!A (yes, I hang out there...those are kinda my people. Kinda.) And a girl asked a question about programs-whether people had planned to make their own or purchase them. Every piece of literature I have read about saving money for your wedding suggests making your own. But I'm having the invites professionally printed. I definitely dont want the programs to look low budget. So clicked thru some of the links that other members posted, and found a link to this one (see pic).

I'm thrilled with it. PLUS, I felt like it was simple enough for me to make, yet sophisticated enough to not look cheap and thrown together. Since I feel like my wedding is going to be pretty, but not overdone, these fit in. As you can see, they arent very big. But only a few people read the program, especially after the ceremony is over. Namely people like me who go back to enjoy its more aesthetic qualities :)

And talk about simple: its really one piece of cardstock (doubple sided and folded down the middle), and a piece of vellum to make an overlay - well, at least thats how I'm going to assemble it, and then a ribbon tied on to keep the "booklet together." And I'm going to to take the files to Kinkos to have them printed and cut. Now, all I have to do is fill in the ceremony details, finalize the wording, and find appropriate colored ribbon. I'm thinking the ampersand can be either gray like in the sample, or purple, or green. And if its purple or green, I can do the opposite colored ribbon (green or purple, respectively). Or another alternative is to just do the ampersand gray, and use green and purple ribbon, alternating. Either way, its a good project to do with the girls (or a girl), and if I have to do them with Jase, I dont think he can really mess them up - LOL. A little sophisticated simplicity. Hmm, sophisticated simplicity...do I hear wedding theme bells? I think I just may. Although my theme bells definitely dance to the tune of "Bae Bae Buh-Bae BabolaBoski!"

Sorry, a little P-J humor. I'll have to sing the song and do the dance for ya'll one day. I love him :)

Okay, so I'm running off now. Hells Kitchen comes on at 9, and until then, well..Idunno what I'm going to do, but I know it probably wont be blogging.



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