Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Today Was Kinda a Big Deal

Today was important because I did quite a few wedding things. Important (albeit very early on) wedding things. I talked to the people who I want to do our invites (which Idunno about you, but they’re pretty important to me), and I know I don’t want them to be overdone or fussy. And I hate those that have those mysterious pearlescent people on them in some ambiguous ensemble in a ridiculous mid-tango embrace. Sorry. I really odnt like them. And I know two people who have had that type of invite. Actually, believe it or not, I expressed my (now obvious) dislike for them before I found out Dr. Hunt’s sister had them as her invites. Ah well. I stood behind my sentiments. Those things are not the hotness.

So yeah, talked to the invite lady. And then spent about 30 minutes obsessing over the conversation we had. I thought I was prepped for the chat…but I was only kinda prepped. So much so that I will need to call back tomorrow or email them to clear up/modify our initial design. Thankfully they need the language I wanna use before they can print my sample and send it out. Arguably, I need to run the wording by jase. But its just a sample, I can have that printed, right? Hmm. I better tell him about it just in case. Which means the earliest they’ll get wording from me will be tomorrow night. Hell, the wedding is next year – I have time. LOL.

I also spent some time at work constructing what has become the master list for the wedding. (See, told ya I worked…never said it was all IRS related) And as Krissi alluded, its got tons of stuff on it. But essentially, I found myself getting caught up in invites, then place cards, but I want to be able to frame particulars in the grand scheme of the aspect of the wedding day they will pertain to. So, for example, those place cards are in the “cocktail hour” category, along with some way to display them (which I have my eye a Martha stewart thingie to handle that), as well as the gangsta relatives I’m going ot need to man the door in case people decide they wanna come all up in my reception but didn’t bother to RSVP, etc. Yes, I said gangsta…and I meant it. Because I feel like anyone who gets caught out there without having responded but believes they can come anyway may have a bit of ‘tude.


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