Sunday, August 17, 2008

Giving Thanks

I love stationary. So the idea that I get to send out stationary throughout this wedding process is extremely exciting to me.

It can also make you nauseous.

See, wedding stationary is terribly expensive. And because this is a once in a lifetime kind of thing, you want it to be as fabulous as possible - within reason. I added that last bit because as I've mentioned before, I know people are going throw these bad boys away. My goal is to find the proper balance between something thats fabulously me, but wont cause me to shudder at the thought of my friends and loved ones throwing them away. Which I have. More on that later.

Today's post is about another important piece of wedding stationary: the thank you note. Again, I love little notecards, particularly ones that are personalized in some way. I have ones with my initial, hearts, and polka dots - all Patti icons that once you open it you say "oh, this is so her." Naturally our thankyou notes needed to follow suit.

Today on my favorite wedding blog Weddingbee I ran across this idea on the message boards:

What you're looking at what I believe to be the front of one couple's photo TY note - the couple surrounded by their gifts.

How cute is that? Pretty cute, I know. And if you do it right away, very meaningful. This could easily be turned into a postcard at vistaprint for mere pennies per card.

The TY note I selected/"custom printed" that will match our invites really isn't that thrilling. In fact, its mostly reality kicking in saying that 40 cents a card is a great price and that I would be hard pressed to get custom thank yous made elsewhere. Enter vistaprint. At vistaprint I could easily get 200 some odd postcards for like 40 bucks or so. Thats 20 cents a card!

Long story short, photo TY note is definitely a contender. The PHI likes it, I could do it for cheap, and it would be an interesting and different (dare I say, unique) way to thank our guests for their loving generosity.

File this one away may be seeing it again :)


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