Monday, August 11, 2008

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Wow, completely off topic: I'm watching Style, and MelB has (what I believe to be) a SoapNet commercial for All My Children. Now, I cant guarantee its all my children because once I realized it was her, and how fab she looked, I kinda stopped listening to her. I did stop long enough to know it was the black couple from that soap mom has watched since before I was born (seriously, she's watched it that long), and the groom's name is Jesse...which makes me think it was All My Children.

Sorry, that was so not the point of this post.

The point was I'm sitting here on the sofa extremely sleepy. Like, I'm so sleepy that the idea of getting up, slapping some rollers in my head and proactiv-izing (yes, I made that up) my face seems like waaay to many things to accomplish before falling into my bed. But I will do them because if not, my head will look like a mop (the nasty kind that instead of throwing in the washer you just throw away) and I'm in the process of overhauling my face. A girl has to be engagement photo ready in a couple of months (were shooting for November...pun not intended).

Anyway, I'm sitting here in a state of increasing dilerium and I happen to glance down at my ring. Despite what most people think, once you get some of that 4th finger left hand bling, you really dont spend all of your waking moments staring at it. Now, dont get it twisted, I spent a large part of the first month just getting used to wearing the thing and staring at it. And occasionally I still nik the PHI with it (he doenst want me to ever take it he suffers its wrath mwha ha ha). But now that I'm a few months in, I have the requisite ring tan, my ring is definitely one of my homies. She knows that if its her against a wall or any other material she'll win everytime (diamonds are super hard which makes my ring super durable), and that she will come off when its time to put on lotion.

Why you say? Because lotion makes her extremely dirty.

I dont spend very much time talking about her specs...I know them because I was there when she was purchased from my friends at Kay, but I will tell you this: she's completely a D. And when she's fresh out the jewelry wash clean, she's absolutely breath taking.

And that is when I find myself ring-gazing.

Like tonight. I got her cleaned on Saturday and have been taking her off for bath's, hair washing, etc. Its almost like she's turned into a whole other ring - on a regular basis. One day I'll post her before and after pics. She even looks bigger. Maybe its that light moving all up and thru her when she's so fresh and so clean. But anyway, because of that metamorphosis, I take every opportunity to get my ring cleaned. If were walking past a Kay, I'm goin in and letting them clean my ring.

If she lived on your finger, you would too. Trust me, the sparkle is worth it.

I'm a glutton for sparkle!!

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  1. getmarried4less/ladytAugust 15, 2008 at 7:07 PM

    lol....thanx 4 the sweet comment on my blog!

    even though you're sleepy. i can tell i like you from this post. the 6 things to know abt u before i go any further just confirms it, lol.

    mind if i add u 2 my blogroll? its not everyday that i meet a AA bride outside of the AA board on the knot.


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