Friday, August 8, 2008

Photographer Update

You can see from my last post, I was absolutely into the photographer. I still am. And I loved her work before I contacted her.

Well, I was ready to book her immediately. Right after she told me she had the date available. But after talking to my dear friend Dr. Hunt, I came back down to reality. I realized I had not done any due diligence about her. I had seen her gallery, gone through her blog with a fine tooth comb, and read every bit of text on her site....twice!

Since she and I had started talking about a custom package, I realized I should probably slip in some questions from my Real Simple wedding sheet on "Questions to Ask the Photographer." I was hesistant to ask because I didnt want her to think I wasnt interested. And in hindsight, I should have asked the questions first and expressed my enthusiasm second - lol.

But anyway, one of the questions were about references. I've read in various places that you should definitely check references. But as a graduate student who has written a few letters of recommendation, you wont suggest people who will give you a bad review. Even still, I knew that I wanted to get the references and contact the people.

This is what Dani and I created to send out -the perfect blend of I know I dont know you but I want you to give me some inside info:

Hi Reference,

My name is Patti and I was referred to you by Chelsey Boatwright. I'm writing because I wanted to get your feedback on your photos, the picture taking process, day of issues, and just working with her in general. Any help or input you can provide would be great. Thanks!!


...and this is what I got back:
Hi Patti,

Chelsea was the photographer for my wedding and she was amazing!!! I did alot of research in choosing the right photographer because in my opinion that was the most important thing. I looked at her work and spoke with her and knew she was the right fit. I personally like her photojounalist style. Anyone can line up people and just snap a picture. But she has the talent to make things more artistic. Here is a link of some of my wedding pics in her blog: And in my opinion these are not even the best ones. I don't have the pics saved to this computer so I can't send them. But there are about 5 shots not included in that which are absolutely to die for. I love them sooo much. The whole process of working with her was painless. And I got the pics online from her to view within a week. If you are thinking of working with her I would definitely work with her. I was even pregnant at the time of the wedding and she shot in great angles so you couldn' tell. And I am even using her for the photographer for our baby pictures. If there is any other info you need about my experience with her just let me know.

Reference #1
and this:
Hi Patti,

When we had our wedding (this past December),
Chelsey was working as an assistant to the photographer we hired. Chelsey had just begun her business and was doing her old boss a favor.

We're glad she did, because my husband and I honestly felt that
Chelsey's pictures were far superior than her former boss. They subjects were more centered, had clearer focus and made better use of the avaiable light than the photographer we hired!! Chelsey had no problem taking whatever poses we requested and seemed comfortable improvising.
It took us a month for us to get our photos back, but that's not a reflection on Chelsey. Her pictures were submitted online far before her boss'.

We felt that
Chelsey's work was above and beyond what we expected of her and we were thoroughly pleased with her both as a person and wedding photographer.
We hope this helps!!

Reference #2

So there you have it. Two glowing recommendations. Did I expect any less? No. Am thrilled nonetheless? You bet.

Now I'm waiting (on baited breath) for her to email our contract so I can send our deposit. Never been so excited to spend $200. Night!


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