Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cuts like...a knife!

Mornin ya'll!

I know I've been super scarce this weekend - I'm in Columbia kickin it with the PHI. Anyway, I'm stopping in this morning to share something I'd been pondering for quite a bit: the cake cutter set. When I first started looking, I really fell in love with this Things Remembered set:

It has hearts, and its not too gaudy or over the top...its all on sale for $39.99. Yes you heard me right, that's its sale price.

If I werent living on a graduate student's pay, I would totally get this one:

Again, absolutely fabulous, right? But at $60 for the set, the chances of you spotting this at my wedding reception are even slimmer.

I know, what a silly thing to be concerned about. The ones above are gorgeous. But Practical Patti starts to nag at me when I'm shopping. Her/my issue: how many times are you really going to use an engraved cake cutter set?

Of course I cant answer that.

And the rationale is, if youre going to spend all that money on something like that (were talking at least $30 for the simple ones - which may or maynot include the engraving), you should be using it on the regular. I'm a baker - I bake cakes/cupcakes/pies on the regular. I could always go for a good long knife that will allow me to seamlessly move through yummy baked goods with the greatest of ease (think: trapeeze...cake trapeeze - lol!). Mom/Dani and I had decided that a good cake knife is always good. A knife that is dedicated only (mostly) to cakes could get some good use. That trowel thing seems more aptly suited for a sweet potoato pie. In n fact, thats what mom uses hers for. Again, I'd totally get use out of it, but I cant actually see using it on my wedding cake. Do people do that? Plus mom mentioned that of all the weddings she's been to, she cant ever remember seeing the cake set.

Sadly, I hadn't either. That was the last nail in the cake cutter set coffin.

However, because of the before mentioned reasons, I see great value in a good cake knife and set out to find one that was lovely, could be used again, and could be easily dressed up with some ribbon or something tied around the handle.

Enter our Bed Bath and Beyond registry. Our BBB registry is china, bath items, bedding, and a few kitchen things. There are lots of nice things I'd love for our grown up house when I picture the PHI and I hosting thankgsiving/christmas dinner for the family. It also includes a pretty cute server set which....(wait for it)...has a cake knife as an option! I'll show it to you and then I'll tell you how much it costs, k.

(Gourmet Windmere Cake Knife available at BBB)

Simple? Check!
Easily dressed up? Check!
Matching other serving pieces! Check!
Will do a bang-up job cutting cakes? Check!
Price: $7.99 - Sold!

Yes, you read that right...$8. I'm so buying that when I get paid again. Not that I think they wont have it anymore, but my approach to these kinds of things is that I'll still need it 6 months from now like I need it now. May as well purchase it now if I have the cash. The set also has a trowel that comes with it, that if I remember correctly I have also registered for...for pies, not cakes - lol. FYI: I used a similar price-to-use ratio to make a determination about our toasting flutes, but I'll save that for another post.

How about you? Are you trying to find a happy medium between things you "need" for your wedding, things you can/will actually use after the wedding, and cost?

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  1. chile, i got my cake serving set 40% off from Hobby Lobby...i think i paid $6 for it. its crap. serves the purpose, but if someone were to leave it at my venue after the fact, i probably would never think of it again.

    i plan to tie some ribbons around the handles and call it a day....

    when i saw "columbia" i thought to myself, i wonder if she meant Columbia, SC? thats where my FI and I met. and trust, i am sooo incredibly familiar with that graduate student "salary" my fI lived off of it for 5 years....and now he's a post doc and i declare the difference is minimal.

    oh well......


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