Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I got one!

I got a Xyron 510! Its a sticker maker, laminator and magnetizer. Okay, I made that last word up, but it will turn anything into a magnet. Think about it, the possibilities are literally endless.

I used one of those fabulously rare 50% off a regular priced item at Michaels coupon to get it on Monday. I havent opened it yet, but that doesnt keep me from being thrilled. I've only been wanting one of these since I read about them on WeddingBee! Since I'm not allowed to officially take on any big DIY projects for the wedding, I'm planning to use it to deal with our favors/place cards and the programs - and maybe even for dealing with our unity candle.

I'm so excited I don't know what I want to Xyron first!

PS - I'm watching an episode of Charmed and I'm thrilled that Paige marries a man named Henry :)


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