Friday, September 19, 2008

LOL, literally!

I've been on wedding overdrive lately. Part of it is my fault, part of it is...well, its probably all my fault. I've come full circle about dresses - mine and the 'maids, and have really taken some positive strides towards making some decisions and getting a better feel for what the aesthetic of the day will be.

One thing that keeps me from being overwhelmed is working on other things. Another thing is TV. Particularly funny tv and commercials. So today, in the spirit of making sure you arent on wedding overload, I just wanted to share some of my favorite commercials. I am generally a reluctant YouTube-r, but I have to thank YouTube (and the PHI) for putting my favorite show-interrupters in a format that I can pass along to you. I still dont 100% understand why people make/post videos of themselves trying to be entertaining. Funny is so subjective. Lets leave it to the professionals:

Did you know the french word for stop before this vid? I didn't!

And this one takes me back to Girl Scout Camp. I said a Boom Chicka Boom!

And yo mama says....

What is a pookie anyway?

I'm going to run now, but research shows that laughter really is good for the soul. I feel better already (although I was pretty good to start with). When you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, or just a little down, find something funny that can lift your spirits and improve your mood. Commercials totally work for me...what works for you?


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