Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Breaking news: DRESS 1 SOLD ON EBAY TODAY!! AHHH!!

I just realized I've never posted pics of me in Dress1. So here I am, for the last time in Dress 1.

I am so excited. The bride who bought it has a wedding quickly approaching, so I'm going to do my part as a good seller and get it off to her today. The dress should fit her very nicely and since she doesnt have a whole lot of time before the wedding, I hope she doesn't have to have it altered. Not like I would have had to.

I am so excited to be taking this dress to the UPS Store.
So enjoy me in it while you can folks, because it wont live here anymore!


  1. Yayness!!!

    thats a relief. glad u got to recoup some of that cost.

  2. I like the dress. It has a vintage feel. I hope the bride that bought it enjoys and looks great in it on her special day.


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