Saturday, September 27, 2008

Special Request: Dress 0

As I've mentioned before, there has definitely been some dress drama.

Recap: I purchased a dress, returned it to David's Bridal and exchanged it for another dress (that cost the same), and then decided I didnt want that dress and sold it on eBay. The first dress we purchased (that was exchanged), I generally refer to as Dress 0. Mom loved Dress 0. I just liked it. Then I returned it for another, which I subseuqently sold.

Anyway, fast forward to today, and I'm well into the search for another dress. I think I've pretty much found it, but I'm open to the possibilities until I actually purchase one. Earlier, I was talking to the PHI before he went to work, and he was commenting on Dress 1 (he liked it), and mentioned that he wanted to see Dress 0. So, by special request, I'm posting pics of me in Dress 0.

Alright folks. This is Dress 0. As you can see, its defining feature is something I'm totally not really into: lots of embellishment. This dress is gorgeous, dont get me wrong, but it wasnt me. And I'm glad its back at David's.

This also concludes pictures of me in dresses. The next time you see me in a wedding dress, I'll be a married woman with a hyphened last name. So enjoy it while it lasts :)


  1. I did not have a good experience at David's Bridal. You need to chose a dress that makes you feel special. Good luck on your search.

  2. Thanks for the support Dana! I think I had a good experience, but I felt like the selection was limited - and although Dress 0 and Dress 1 are different, they're also fairly similar a-line white dresses :)


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