Thursday, October 23, 2008

High (enough) Pressure Dressing Situations

This is weather forecast for Athens on Saturday November 1st. Whats going on that day you say? The PHI and I have an appointment to take engagement photos with Nikki from The Sweetest Memory that day....outside. I know, I never do things outside. But I love the natural light and the built in backgrounds that taking pics outside affords. Were planning to take some on UGA's campus and some downtown Athens I believe. Thankfully there isn't rain in the forecast yet, so one crisis averted. But now I have another slightly more problematic one: I don't know what to wear.

See, last weekend the PHI and I went to the mall (he hemmed and hawed the WHOLE time, seriously) and I picked up what I thought would be a super cute e-pic outfit: this dress + this cardigan + my favorite pair of NineWest black ballerina flats. If you bothered to click thru, you'll see that while adorably very me, it may not fly on a day where the HI temp is slated to be 69.

What is a girl to do? If I don't wear the dress, I'll find some other use for it. I could easily see dressing it up with some cute black sandals for a bridal shower, the wedding rehearsal, or the rehearsal dinner. I'm thinking some kind of cute white/ivory dress for the after-party (LOL). So no worries there, I'll find some use for the dress (and the sweater).

But for our e-pics, now I'm thinking jeans. I have a new pair of deliciously dark jeans that I could pair with some top. Probably something with at least a 3/4 sleeve (I just ♥ those) and some cute flats. I wouldn't want to have to wear a jacket, but maybe have the option to put one on for some variety...or even a scarf. Idunno, just thinking aloud here. The PHI is planning to wear a sweater vest and some jeans. He's pretty flexible about the whole thing..its me that's the variable.

And I only have about 8 days to figure it out...the pressure! Although these are by no means our wedding photos, they are costing us money and I want them to look good. I plan to pass these out to friends and family, put them on our website, and have them featured on our save the dates. The plan is for them to have a mix of posed and us being our cute couple selves. In other words, fabulously us.

And I only have about 8 days to figure it out...the pressure!
I'll keep you posted.


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