Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The key is moderation

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I realize that I've been off from wedding vacay for 36 hours and have hit the ground running. What I'm realizing though is that I really have to do wedding planning in moderation. In order to maintain forward momentum on the wedding planning front (and ward off another mental health vacay) I really am going to have to master moderation.

But what is moderation exactly? Moderation is not spending all day in front of Google Reader where the majority of the blogs I subscribe to are wedding related. Moderation is not driving the PHI crazy with details that he doesnt care about. Moderation is writing down my ideas and planning to act on them rather than going from idea to implementation in the time it takes a cupcake to cool enough to remove it from the pan (for you non-bakers, that's about 10 minutes).

I love wedding planning. Seriously, I do. But I also need to love wedding planning in moderation. Moderation is knowing that in a little more than 11 months I will be happily married and that I'll only get to plan our wedding once. So I better stop, smell a rose, bake...something, and enjoy it while it lasts.


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