Thursday, October 2, 2008

Reason #942 why I ♥ the PHI

No, I don’t actually have a list of reasons why I love the PHI…I just do, and if I sat down to write said list, please believe it would be really long.

The point is that as you all know, I moved wedding-speak here to its new blog home yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to really tell the PHI about it until kind of late last night. He was marginally excited. You know the requisite amount of excitement so as not to set me off on a line of questioning about why he isn’t excited – lol.

In the course of our chat about the new blog, I casually mentioned to him that if he was ever interested, he was more than welcome to be a guest blogger on Soon to Be Mrs. Patti (STBMP). Can ya’ll believe the man got excited? I’m so serious, he acted like I had just given him a new PlayStation or something.

Idunno if it’s him wanting to feel included, or he’s been secretly harboring a blogger inside of that [sexy] head of his, but the man seemed genuinely pleased about the possibility of contributing to my wedding blog.

That’s why I love him folks.

How could you not love a man like that?


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