Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A tale of many dresses....

Tomorrow is my early day, so I really should be in the 2 hours ago. I'm getting there...albeit a little slowly...getting there none the less.

As I was about to wrap my hair for the night, I started thinking about my next trip to the bridal salon. MJ and I finally set a date to go look at dresses. Its just 24 days away. So yes, the next time I try on bridal gowns, it will practically be November.

Which is okay, I think. I'm determined not to rush into Dress 2. Like seriously determined, ya'll. And tonight I got to thinking about how long it was before I fell out of love with Dress 0 and Dress 1. If were being honest, I had reservations about Dress 0 not long after the initial excitement of having a dress wore off. The idea of being engaged + picking out a wedding dress obviously led me to make some suspicious decisions. However, during that same timeperiod the PHI and I selected our idunno.

Dress 1 I found and subsequently purchased in June. So about a month after selecting Dress 0, I selected Dress 1. Hmm, not so great there. Totally makes Dress 0 seem like an impulse buy, doesnt it? Well, thankfully (maybe) I held on to Dress 1 until fairly recently. So we'll say mid June to early September...2.5 months maybe? Ouch, thats only slightly better.

This brief diatribe about the dress drama has re-affirmed my determination to wait on Dress 2. I've tried the leading contender on twice, and both times I've loved it. So, when I see it later on this month, we'll see how I feel about it then. If I'm still feeling it at the end of October, it can say it beat out Dress 0. If I make it to December (which is my current plan), it will also beat out Dress 1.

Hell, if I make it to December and havent purchased a dress, I'll be super proud of myself. I think mama will too. And her pocketbook will appreciate still having a good bit of time to pay for it.

I've gotten to the end of Project Runway I taped earlier and I need to call the PHI back. I'm headed to bed...night! ♥


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