Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome (to the dark

Hello blog world!

Today I decided that it wouldnt be a terrible idea to separate my wedding thoughts/plans from my regular rantings. Hence, the new blog was born: Soon to Mrs. Patti. This will be THE place for the wedding goodness. I'll still continue to post at ....just fabulous, and I may even cross post for a while, but I am transitioning over to this blog for wedding planning so that I can still have just fabulous for when the wedding is ova!

To all of my faithful readers (all 2 of you - lol), please update your links/feeds to the new blog.

To those of you just joining us, feel free to thumb through the "Oldies but Goodies" list, or use the topics list to see where I am with the planning.

To everyone: I recently discovered how much I love feel free to comment away!

So again, welcome! This should be fun!


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