Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Few Words

I just spent the last FOUR HOURS working on an aisle runner that I subsequently cut off the roll and threw away. It took me 50 minutes to paint an S. FIFTY MINUTES! Times that by however long it took me to do the rest and tack on another 45 minutes of tracing and I have effectively wasted a good part of the day.

The taurus in me is hell bent on having a painted aisle runner. That thing WILL NOT get the best of me, even if it got a good part of my day so far.

The optimist in me believes I got invaluable hand-on experience with painting my own aisle runner. And she's right. I encountered some things I just could not fathom would be issues and can now proceed accordingly.

So yes, after all that huffing and puffing (and self-editing by not typing the curse words), I am having some yummy leftover turkey potpie (MamaP makes the best pot pies), catching up on GoogleReader and trying to decide how to approach the Aisle Runner Adventure Part 2.

*ugh* There are few words for how I feel right now, and trust...they mostly 4 letter and decidely un-bridal.


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