Tuesday, January 13, 2009


TO: Everyone
FROM: Patti, Wedding President and CEO
RE: Downsizing

In an effort to ensure that the bride gets exactly what she wants we have had to let someone go. Effectively immediately, we will not be using a graphic designer to design wedding paper correspondence. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Dani and she will be able to assist you.


Yes, folks. I am in the process of letting my graphic designer go. I really like her, but honestly, working with her was not as fun as I thought it would be. It just felt too much like work (if that makes any sense at all). I was going to keep going because I committed myself to working with her (no contact though), until I decided to throw together some signage. As I was admiring my work, I realized I had some thoughts about the rest of of the paper goods. I knew I wanted our names in script, what the fonts would be, and that there would be minimal enclosures. I knew we wouldn't have a pocket fold. I knew the invites would be printed on white paper with a colored backing. I knew they would be kiwi and teal. Somehow.

Basically, I realized that I had a design in mind. And after pulling together that signage, fairly quickly, I knew I could do it. I'd already been doing research on envelopes and cardstock, so I basically needed to design, order the materials, have everything cut, and then assemble. Four steps. 6 months to get it done.

Sounded doable to me. And MamaP. And Dani. So were going forward. I still havent figured out all the specifics yet, but I know it will only cost me one stamp to mail them and that were doing a card (rather than a post card) for the replies. I'm also playing around with the idea of a an inner vellum envelope. The only small speedbump is what to do about our Save the Dates. I have a design in mind, but I dont think I have the proper software to put it in the correct format. I may get some help with that becasuse those suckers need to go out in the next 6 weeks or so (dont get me started on my lack of addresses to put on them). Other than that, I have a pretty solid plan of attack for our invites, and I cant wait to share them with you.

...and I know you're dying to see what I've come up with.


  1. seems like you have everything down good! why pay someone? that's money that can go to the honeymoon!


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