Friday, January 16, 2009

Miss Manners is my Homegirl

Today while perusing the SoFla board on TheKnot I came across something very interesting posted by iLoveMrBurpsalot:
Dear Miss Manners,
I have noticed lately, that amongst women of the same age group as myself who are engaged and planning large, expensive weddings, that my single friends are invited to said weddings without "and guest" added to their invitations.

It is almost as if the engaged women, in an attempt to keep cost down, have decided that the single women, whether they are dating someone or not, do not get the option to bring someone along to the wedding and reception.

Is this rude? I feel that just because these women are not married or engaged, they still should have the opportunity to bring a date to the wedding and that by assuming their dates just aren't as important if not legally bound by law, the engaged woman is being presumptuous and rude. What are your thoughts?

Gentle Reader,
That the invitation is to a wedding, not to an evening out on the town, and it is not rude not to be married in front of strangers who mean nothing to them and not much to you. If you must scour up a date, Miss Manners suggests looking over the single gentlemen at the wedding, who would not have been asked to bring along "and guest" either.

First of all, can I get an Amen?

Second, the PHI and I plan to invite sig.o's that we have a relationship with. If we know you, then the invite is addressed to you (married or not), not to a very vague "and guest."

We have no problems feeding and entertaining those we love and care about. Its the randoms that we take issue with.

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  1. Thank you Mrs. Manners and Patti! I am not about to have strangers at my wedding. It needed to be said.


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