Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ORG Idea #4: To Hold


I ♥ these ring bowls from Palomas Nest. Taken from their etsy site:
"Our spin on the classic ring bearer pillow...a ring bearer bowl, sure to be modern heirloom. This little white ceramic ring bowl is an exclusive Paloma's Nest design. It is hand crafted and stamped with the words TO HAVE & TO HOLD. After the ceremony, the cord can be tied into a loop or a bow, and the bowl can hold jewelry, mementos or other treasures.

But that's not all...my favorite part of this piece is that the tiny bowl can also be hung by the cord, on a wall in a special spot(next to your wedding photo would be nice), in a shadow box frame, or on your holiday tree."
Although we have a ring bearer pillow, I really want one of these to hold my rings when they're not on my finger. Aren't they just adorable?

Paloma's Nest makes other ceramic things, including little bowls that can be personalized with a saying of your choosing. If you're interested, you can find your own here. Visit at your own risk...you're going to want one.

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