Friday, March 6, 2009

Lea-ving on a jetplane

I'm going home today! Its almost kind of sad how excited I am. Well...maybe not. You'd be excited to if you got to go home to this:

You're looking at a pretty awesome picture of West Palm Beach, Florida (aka my SoFla hometown). That building on the left is the Palm Beach County Convention Center. The right is the West Palm Beach Marriott, the Raymond F. Kravis Center for the Performing Arts (I only use the whole name cause MamaP used to work there - most people just call it the Kravis Center), and the bottom right corner is the southwest side of CityPlace. If the camera scooted a bit to the right, you'd see our venue - the Harriet Himmel Theater! I just realized I haven't blogged about it yet, so I'll be sure to post some pics and show you around (it's absolutely fab).

Yes, many of the streets really are lined in palm trees like that. I never really noticed it until I moved away and started bringing friends home. Its always one of the first things they comment on - lol.

I will be at home for about a week and some change, and I'm looking forward to sleeping in, hanging with MamaP and the fam, handling some wedding business, going to my first bridal show (!) and getting a smidgen of school work done.

Can't wait, can't wait...


  1. i tried posting from my phone to no avail

    how awesome is that picture!?!? OMG, I remember bring friends back from HU and them being in wonder of tree-lined Palm Beach Lakes Blvd! I love it!

    sidenote: why is your captch 'hypest'?

  2. LOL! Girl, you know I don't know!

  3. when i went to WPB that was DEF. the thing i kept saying every 5 secs: THE PALM TREES!!


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