Friday, June 26, 2009

You don't always know what you want...

...but you (almost) always find exactly what you need.


In today case, it all started with this little felt boutonniere I found on Etsy.

Wait, no. That's not quite right. It all started back in March (during my wedding planning spring break) at Granma's birthday party when I was chatting about the wedding with Cousin Cheryl and she asked a question that would stump me for several months to come. The chat went a little something like this:
Cousin Cheryl: Hows the wedding planning going?

Miss Patti: Its going well, but I'm tired. MamaP and I have been full time wedding planning this week. Every day there's a different appointment. But we've gotten alot accomplished.

CC: What did you decide to do about the bridesmaids dresses?

MP: Oh, they're all going to wear the same dress.

CC: Oh yeah? So how are you going to distinguish your Maid and Matron of Honor from your other bridesmaids?

MP: um....
As you can see, I had nothing. It hadn't even crossed my mind! Eventually I found some words and we proceeded to brainstorm some ideas. Bouquets? Naw, I want to keep the flowers simple and budget friendly. Scarves? SoFla in October? Yeah, right. Next! Brooches? Hmm, maybe. In hindsight, I must have really latched on to the idea of brooches, because when I came across that boutonniere two weeks ago in AAlicia's Wedding Store, I immediately could see a brooch application. And then I found this:


While not my personal style, I felt I was getting closer to what I was looking for. So after sitting on it for a couple days, I convo-ed Anna Alicia to ask about having a couple of brooches made for two of my favorite girls. She got right back to me, and suggested something more like this instead:


I loved it.

It was exactly what I didn't realize I was looking for (lol). I love that its different, but in a classic way. And that it can be worn pinned on their dresses, or it can be placed in their hair. And that it's an accessory that doesn't scream wedding, increasing the possibility of a post wedding application. Maybe pinned on a terra cotta or hot pink cardigan, or even little black dress.

Turns out she's running a "buy one, get one half off" promotion to celebrate the opening of her wedding accessories shop. I knew it was a sign and quickly let her know I was interested in a green and white remix of the brooch pictured above. She set up whats called a custom listing for me (think: putting an item on hold in a store at the mall), and I was allowed to pay for the items when I got ready. I always pay right away so I don't forget to go back and do it later.

Anna Alicia promised they'd be here soon, and I cannot wait. Once they arrive you'll be one of the first to know. In the meantime, you should pop over to visit both of her shops. Her pieces are really quite swoon-worthy.


  1. i love those all white ones for every day. maybe i can find a way to wear those daily...

  2. @Jameil: you could totally rock that for every day. I totally see one (or even two in my not so distant future. Did you see the ones's with the bows in her shop?


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