Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Food for Thought: RSVPs (part one)


The other day I was reading something on the interwebs about the changing face of RSVPs. Essentially, the article was saying that with all the newer and popular ways to interact with people, that some couples feel like the time honored tradition of mailing a card and requiring that you guests mail it back to you is passe.

I can honestly see both sides.

I think that the onset of social networking like personal websites, blogs, twitter and Facebook have allowed us as a society to let our guard down so to speak. Oftentimes people announce the latest and greatest of their lives to thousands (if not millions) of strangers before their own parents and family hear about it. Therefore, what is the harm in having your wedding guests email you, or leave a message on your website to let you know they are planning to attend your wedding? Evite has been doing it for ages, and companies like Paperless Post are seemingly bridging the gap between the way we used to do it, and the way people are doing things now.

There are also some financial benefits. We have been subjected to annual postage increases for the past couple of years, and mailing invites with enclosed pre-stamped RSVPs can really add up. Our of the 96 invites we mailed out, we had to stamp about 60 outer envelopes, and ALL 96 of the inner RSVP envelopes. Thankfully, I purchased 100 stamps shortly before we got engaged, another 100 or so right before they went up in May. Between save the dates, thank you notes and the invites, I still needed a few stamps to get everything out the door on time. I've stopped thinking about how much we've spent on stamps. Now I just buy them when we need them.

And not to mention that having electronic responses is considered to be very current and fairly cool. So if you are a couple that relishes in bucking tradition and doing things your own way, I can easily see how having people rsvp on your website, or on your twitter page (since Bossip says tweeps cant be deleted) could be totally up your ally. Its just you, keeping it real, communicating with your guests in the way your choosing.

I cant get mad at that. The wedding industry encourages you to do your wedding, your way. And if you way involves electronic rsvps, then I am all about doing it.

I'm sure you can anticipate the opposing argument. But pop by a little later if you're interested in what I think about leaving things more like they already are.

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  1. but do you just let everyone tell you how they feel like it? I know you'd check them off anyway but keeping up with 90 methods seems like it would be tiring. then as long as they're telling you i guess you say thx, and move on b/c you're gonna have to call some people anyway.


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