Friday, February 20, 2009

My Ears Need ♥ Too

The other day I showed you my swoon-worthy bracelet. I haven't ordered it yet, but thanks to your feedback, I probably will.

So I'm back for more. I've been shopping for earrings. As a refresher, here's what I wanted from my wedding day jewelry:
As far as my personal accessories, I'm only planning to wear my e-ring (of course), earrings and a bracelet. Dangly earrings (maybe chandelier) and a cuff bracelet to be exact. I want them both to be sparkly. If the right non-cuff bracelet came along, I'd be willing to give it a shot. Oh, and the accessories will get extra credit if they manage to have hearts.
In addition to the aforementioned criteria, I also want the earrings to be on the long side - between 1.5 and say 2.75 inches long (yeah I know I could have just said 3 inches...but doesn't that seem long? 2.75 seems more manageable.). So here's what I've come up with listed in order of obviousness:

Option #1

Yup, these are almost like the earrings that showed up in my wedding day look board. I've been looking for them ever since (becuase of course I didnt save the link), and I found these that are actually a little better! I love that they are simply sparkly hearts dangling from my ear. And that they scream Patti in an obnoxious tone. But are they too obvious?

Option #2

I like these earrings, mostly because they are still hearts, but they aren't just hearts. Like someone tried to design a look around hearts. But they also look cheap to me. And I happen to know that of the three, they are the cheapest, which is normally great. Unfortunately, in this case, I'm pretty sure "cheap-looking" outweighs any of their other more redeeming qualities.

Option #3

I just like these earrings. I can't really explain why. They have what I'd call essence of heart - like if you flipped them upside down. Okay, maybe they're more like essence of pretzel. More importantly, I know the fact that they don't scream "I'm heart earrings!" appeals to me. Alot. Plus, don't they seem sophisticated?

As you have probably gleaned, Options 1 and 3 are my faves. My head knows that #1 would fit the bill, but I'm drawn to #3.

Perhaps a better question is, which pair (if any) go best with the bracelet? Should I choose Door 1, 2 or 3? Or even if there is one you think I should definitely opt out of. Whatcha think?


  1. #1 overwhelms me...its seemingly too obvious...too heart(y)...3 I think plays to the general heart shape but not in such an obvious fashion.

  2. I'm a fan of #3 too. Sorry, but #1looks costume-y. #3 looks wedding appropro

  3. No apologies needed! Thats why I asked, I want the feedback :)

  4. I agree I love number three they are understated but so beautiful .

  5. definitely opt out of number 1. if you like 3, go with it. you def. don't need a necklace w/those earrings. i'm just concerned about the earrings overwhelming your dress. if your dress is understated, go crazy with the earrings. If there's already a lot of beading and embroidery on your dress, go much plainer w/the earrings.


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