Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heart Bling + Target = All Good

Remember that bracelet I told you about? Well, I bit the bullet and ordered it! As soon as it got here, I immediately opened the box and tried it on - I had to see it on my wrist. It is so sparkly and those are definitely blinged out heart shapes. Here are some pics I took just for you (because I love you just that much):

{the topside}

{and the underside where you can really see the hearts}

Please excuse how dark the photos are (and that trash that needs to go out). It is SO sparkly (I know, I keep saying that), I had to turn the flash off to get a decent pic. I am so glad that ya'll encouraged me to order it. I absolutely love it. Waay more than anyone should ever love a bracelet. Even one with blinged out hearts - lol.

However, seeing the heart bling in person has made me seriously reconsider the remainder of my accessories. I still wanted to wear earrings with some type of sparkle, but maybe not on the level of the essence of pretzel earrings we all loved. Then I remembered that I had some earrings that I got from Target ages ago. Here's a (halfway decent) pic of them in my ear:

The earrings are pearls, clear crystals and rhinestones. Simple, elegant and a lovely accompaniment to my blinged out bracelet. At the time, I liked their elegant simplicity (and $8.99 price tag), but over time I had stopped liking them quite so much. Yesterday, while tidying up the apartment (before the cable/internet came back on) I ran across them and saw them in a new light. Whereas before, they were a little too understated, now they were just what I needed. Dangly, with some sparkle.

That $8.99 price tag ain't half bad either.

Normally, I'd end the post with brilliant piece of take-home advice. Ya know, something to inspire your own wedding or accessory shopping, or something to encourage you to look for bridal accessories in unexpected places. I'm going to break up the pattern and leave you with three (fairly obvious) words: I love Target.


  1. target rocks! i was worried about the pretzels w/the bracelet! i'm glad you've worked it out!

  2. woo hoo!

    question: is your dress embroidered?


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